Can my cake be customized?

We currently offer customizable cake/pie flavors online click here. If you would like to personalize other items, please visit our store in Cos Cob,CT.

Are any Chocoylatte Gourmet products gluten free?

Yes, some of our items are made without gluten. …. are all gluten free. We bake gluten-sensitive recipes on site and employ every measure to ensure sanitation between usages of equipment. However, please be aware that we do use the same equipment for both products with and without gluten.

Are any Chocoylatte gourmet products vegetarian or vegan?

Yes! Our vegan options include the …

Which of Chocoylatte’s gourmet products contain nuts?

Although nuts may not be in the name of a dessert, there may be a nut component. We employ every measure to ensure sanitation between usages of equipment; however, we do use the same equipment for both nut and nut free products.

What is the difference between Lasagna Cake and Gelato?

What makes Lasagna Cake a bit more special is the alternating layers of gelato cream, chocolate/white cake, fruit/chocolate filling and whipped cream/ marshmallow. Gelato is made with whole milk, giving the frozen dessert a richness without masking the desired taste with fat from heavy cream. The flavors are often very intense and the texture is soft and silky.

How long do your cakes/pies/chocolates stay fresh?

Our products are freshly baked and don’t contain any preservatives to extend shelf life.

Our chocolates are made with ganache containing fresh cream. For optimal taste, please enjoy these beauties within 21 days of receiving. Refrigeration is not suggested as sudden temperature changes will cause the chocolates to lose their shine and elegant appearance. 

All of our products are safe for consumption before and up to the use-by date/eat-by date if stored properly. Please see use-by date/eat-by date and instructions label.

Past Date Past Date Past Date
Bakery cake lasts for 1-2 Days 2-4Days 2-4 Months
Cake with fresh fruit lasts for -- 1-2 Days 2-4 Months
Cake with whipped cream lasts for -- 1-2 Days --
Chocolates lasts for -- 21 Days --

*Although the cake shelf life ‘Eat By’ date is generally reliable, please remember that individual cases will vary and that our advice should only be taken as an opinion and not a replacement for your health care professional. Please eat responsibly!

Can I buy items to go?

Yes, our store offers take out items, sit down service, and shipping.

How can I place an order?

Cake, confectionery, and other products orders can be placed online. Information about customization options, minimum orders, deliveries, and lead-times can be found in the relevant product description section on our online shop. Alternatively, you can call one of our sales team at +1 (914)473 0146 or send an email to sales@chocoylattegourmet.com.

Do you do delivery/shipping?

Freshly baked cakes and cupcakes are available for delivery by courier within 10 miles of Greenwich, CT 6 days a week (except on bank holidays).  We also offer deliveries to Manhattan/Westchester/NJ for a delivery charge. Simply choose a delivery date and time slot when placing your order online. To find out if your postcode falls within our delivery area, please click here. Please provide clear delivery instructions and a contact number for our delivery driver. If, for any reason, the delivery cannot be accepted at the agreed time and location, our driver will take your order back and we will retain it for the next 24 hours during which time you can call us to request re-delivery at an additional charge or to arrange personal collection from our store.

Do you ship to PO, APO, or FPO boxes?

No. We don’t offer any shipping to PO, APO, or FPO boxes

Can I ship to more than one address?

Yes. If you need your order shipped for different addresses, please send us an email with your order number.

Can I pay using a gift card?

Yes! When you are in your shopping bag there is a spot directly under your total where you can enter your gift card code.

When will my order ship?

This depends on the delivery date and shipping method you selected. We will ship your order with the fewest transit days possible to ensure freshness.

When can I expect to receive my order?

You should receive an order confirmation email that will state the requested arrival date and include a tracking number. You can log into your account to track your package or paste the tracking number here for an updated status.

Why do shipping rates increase in the summer months?

For the warmer months we pack each order in a Styrofoam ice chest with frozen gel packs and dry ice to ensure that they arrive to the recipient as perfectly as they left our store. These additional precautionary items add to the total shipping cost. As soon as the temperatures drop, so do our shipping rates!

Can I make changes To Existing Orders?

If you have spotted an error on your order confirmation or would like to make changes to an existing order, please notify us. For:

6-inch layer cakes and cupcakes: 24 hours before delivery or collection.

All cakes larger than 6-inches or any other cakes and products from our birthday and special occasion collections: 72 hours before delivery or collection.

Please note that any changes to your existing order may be chargeable.  We therefore recommend that customers always double check order details such as dates, cake size, and personal messages before confirming their order as we may not able to offer refunds or replacements if incorrect information has been provided.

Can I cancel an order?

If you wish to cancel your cake order you must give a minimum notice of 3 working days before delivery or collection in order to qualify for a credit or refund:

All personalized decorations, cakes larger than 6-inches, or any other cakes and products from our birthday and special occasion collections require 7 days’ notice before delivery or collection. 

What is your Customer Service information?

Our customer service personnel are available from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm. If you wish to discuss a new order, have a query regarding an existing order, or would like to find out more about our academy courses you can contact us by calling +1 (914)473 0146 or send an email to sales@chocoylattegourmet.com.

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